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Alcatel DAWN Armor Hybrid Case - Aztec Andes Mauve Teal

Unique, Customized Graphic Image Hybrid Case

This Armor shook proof case offers the best defense for your Alcatel DAWN phone. It has a unique design plus dual layer protection to offer the best protection with ultimate functionality.
If you are looking to defend against accidents from day to day usage, this case is for you. Create a combination of sophisticated style and protection using this Alcatel DAWN Case.

The Hybrid Armor Alcatel DAWN Case Features and Specifications:
• Double coupled case sanctioned to defend and Flexible silicone shielded by solid polycarbonate covering
• Efficient design to easily access buttons and ports. 180 degree pivoting clip and holster to position for wear.
• Contemporary construction for effortless installation yet offers defense to scratches.
• High Definition Printing of custom one of a kind designs, protected by copyright, printed in Orlando, Florida by TREK™
• Perfect Fit for the Alcatel DAWN phone.
• *** Please note Alcatel DAWN phone is not include.

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